Wordy, adjective

Definition of Wordy

  • characterized by or given to the use of too many words
  • using an excessive number of words.

Wordy in other parts of speech

  • noun: wordiness
  • adverb: wordily
  • adjective: wordy, wordier (comparative), wordiest (superlative)

Wordy synonyms

Best synonym


Other synonyms

bombastic, chatty, circumlocutory, diffuse, discursive, flatulent, gabby, garrulous, inflated, lengthy, long-drawn-out, long-winded, loquacious, overlong, palaverous, periphrastic, pleonastic, prolix, protracted, rambling, redundant, rhetorical, sesquipedalian, talkative, tedious, turgid, voluble, windy

Wordy antonyms

brief, terse, succinct, concise, untalkative

Simple examples of the use of wordy

  • He is a wordy writer.
  • This government pamphlet is very wordy.
  • She grew exhausted listening to his wordy reply.

Examples of the word “wordy” used in writing

Good: A good student replaces wordy sentences and phrases with concise writing.
Better: A better student looks for simplicity in his writing. He reduces his writing to the least common denominator and asks his editors if they can reduce his language to an even simpler, more reader-friendly version.
Best: The best student takes all the steps mentioned previously, but goes one step further. He uses his thesaurus on any sentence that seems wordy. Before he begins writing, he also creates a list of wordy language so as he writes he can avoid using any words on his “wordy list.”

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