PONS: Die drei ??? – Black Madonna

PONS Die Drei ??? Black Madonna

PONS – Black Madonna

A German/English mystery novel for second and third-year English students. When you purchase the PONS annotated the novel, Die Drei ??? – Black Madonna, you get the 128-page, paperback novel, an audio book, and an Ebook for your mobile device. Everything you need to have fun while improving your English vocabulary.

Synopsis (Zusammenfassung):

When Peter rescues an injured young man out of the sea, he does not realize at the time that a new mystery for the three detectives has begun. Very quickly, however, the three detectives from Rocky Beach are ensnared in this new mystery involving a valuable, lost statue. How many foes are already searching for the precious artifact? How far will they be willing to go to recover the coveted Black Madonna? He the three detectives stumbled into a mystery that might be too dangerous for them to solve?

Black Madonna Details

  • Format: 12,5 x 19 cm, 128 (Pages) Seiten, Paperback
  • Book (Buch) + (Audiobook) Hörbuch + (Ebook) E-Book
  • ISBN: 978-3-12-010108-6
  • Eur 9,99

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