PONS: Die drei ??? – Arctic Adventure

PONS - Arctic Adventure

PONS – Arctic Adventure

Synopsis (Zusammenfassung):

Snow and ice, bears and wolves and arctic storms – the “Nordic Wilderness Challenge” is one of the toughest dogsled races in the world. When the journalist Carol Ford asks the three detectives (Justus, Peter and Bob) if they would like to help her report on the race, they enthusiastically agree. This adventure, however, is suprisingly more dangerous than they expect it to be. Mysterious accidents happen on the trail and there are reports of eerie shapes that appear in the snow. When there is a serious incident on a frozen river, it quickly becomes clear that the three detectives must act quickly, or this might be their last adventure.

A German/English ??? mystery novel for second and third-year English students. When you purchase the PONS annotated novel, PONS Die Drei ??? (Die Drei Fragezeichen) Arctic Adventure, you get the 128-page, paperback novel. You also get an audio book and an ebook for your mobile device. Everything you need to have fun while improving your English vocabulary is included.

Arctic Adventure Details

  • Format: 12,5 x 19 cm, 128 (Pages) Seiten, Paperback
  • Book (Buch) + (Audiobook) Hörbuch + (Ebook) E-Book
  • ISBN: 978-3-12-010040-9
  • Eur 12,95

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